Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Little Mermaid...... Keely :)

Well after converting my lovely friend Martina :) into a fellow SCAL addict lol lol (....think of all the money you can save on carts now matie....more for scrappy supplies) I've spent most of the weekend creating files and not a whole lot of scrapping, oh and having to teach Keely a lil bit of scrapbooking today also, as I had promised and promised and hadn't delivered, so was work work work all day today..... I had made a lovely ARIEL MERMAID SVG for a friend's daughter last night, so decided to do a test cut and voila.... couldn't help myself, I just had to do a layout :) Oh the joy of scrapbooking....sanity restorer!!!!!

Anyhoo, here is the layout, I think ole Ariel turned out quite nicely and then I found some cute lil Jolee's that I had laying in the stash so we got Sebastian and Flounder happening on there too and some very gorgeous lil blingie type shells and OMG starfish....another favourite thing of mine :) Dunno why, they just make me happy :)

Okies, so I'm off for a bit to cook some food for the family...dinner time already OMG can't believe how fast the days go!! Then off to do another layout tonight.....either an owl for Ellen or a Minnie Mouse for Amy, haven't decided which yet, possumly the owl as I haven't had a chance to use it as yet, but...... Minnie is looking rather adorable too, got a new one, she's laying down on her lil tummy, so sweet :)

Til next time....take care and happy crafting :) xo Kris