Saturday, March 31, 2012

oops forgot.... add this one to the blog.

A friend in our FB Scal group uploaded a colouring page that I cleaned up for a Pregnant Silhouette basically....thought it was a cutie.'s the pic

Grab the SVG HERE.

Easter Bunny

Well, what can I say about this poor lil fella, had a debacle whilst making him.  Started out as a sitting bunny with big ole long ears (something different I thought) but anyhooo he looked incredibly sad looking...hubby actually said it looked as if someone had a gun up to the poor lil guy's head, demanding all his easter eggs, so that being said....back to the drawing board.

Came up with this slight improvement, changed the eyes, grew some legs and changed the tail as the first one didn't cut very nicely.

You will have to draw the whiskers and the little white dots for his eyes with a gel ink pen or similar (sorry forgot to even put the dots in the picture) so slack today!!!

Anyhooo Grab the free SVG Easter Bunny HERE