Thursday, February 23, 2012

A moment to say THANKYOU and then.....I miss the Sunshine..... already.....

Just a quick message to say a HUGE THANKS to all of my wonderful friends & family and Facebook buddies for all of their wonderful Birthday Wishes yesterday.  I had a fantastic day spent quietly at home, got surprised not once, but twice by my hubby (those that know me well, know it's not often I get surprised) cos nobody in this house can keep secrets usually!  Woke up to a lovely card & flowers and he came home from work last night with a gorgeous new pair of Gold Earrings that I had been wanting for oh sooooo long &  more reading matter for me woohoooo.  He has redeemed himself into my good graces for another whole year now lol lol.

Now onto today's's just a quick one lol

Only been 1 day of rain and already I miss the I made some instead :)

You can download some SUNSHINE HERE.