Monday, January 7, 2013

Been a little while....

So it's been a little while since I last blogged....sorry about that, but such is life at the business end of the year and rolling into the business start of this year.  Trusting you all enjoyed a lovely Christmas and celebrated the New Year...gonna be a good one, I can tell!!

Well it is still busy busy busy here for me as I have 4 kidlets to get back to school within the next three weeks, where on earth have those holidays gone already??  I'm looking forward to them returning to school, but not so happy about surrendering my sleep-ins, I have been enjoying them oh so much.

Am heading out to do the "back to school" shopping later this week, am looking forward to that about as much as I'd be looking forward to sewing my head to the carpet.  Have enjoyed spending some time out just blog hopping and browsing some different techniques, getting some new ideas, shopping for some new products....loving some of the stuff I have found lately.   So desperately hope this helps me to get scrapping again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyhoooo am looking forward to celebrating Australia Day on the 26th of this Month.....LOVIN' the fact it is on a Saturday this year, means we have Sunday to recover bwahahahaha so I've pinched the Aussie Day slogan and turned it into a cutting file (svg) as well as the super cute Heart Australia symbol.  Enjoy xo