Saturday, July 30, 2011

Easy Print & Cut with MTC and the Black Cat Cougar using the KNK Plugin!!!

Finally all of this Print & Cut stuff has finally done my head in...I bit the bullet this evening, and decided it was time to fight back and get this son of a gun to work to MY has taken me quite a few hours to get all of the information from various sources...such as the Black Cat Forum and the MTC Forums, and trial and error and converting such overwhelming information into something that more resembles IDIOT Language...something I DO UNDERSTAND!!!! (sorry it's late here & brain is numb lol)

Okay I started out by getting into the Black Cat forum and working through the Manual Calibration of the Blackcat Laser using Signcut....(have I mentioned how terrified I am of Signcut!!!!) Okay so I've gotten that done, found my X and Y figures that work for MY MACHINE, yours may very well be quite different.

Anyhoo I got a perfect cut on the template for Signcut using these settings for MY machine...

X = (-18.5)
Y = (26)

Done & done! Next....

Into MTC (having already downloaded the KNK plugin with the 3pt registration) <---- Oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

Here is a screenshot of how I had my P&C set up on MTC (Ps...just click on the Photos to enlarge)

onto the setting for KNK....

I've told it to cut with KNK Maxx, this is when things got crazy for me for a bit, majority of folk have said you HAVE to reverse the negative & positive based on that I should have had to set my settings as this in KNK

X = (18.5)   &   Y = (-26)

This is about when all hell broke loose in my craft room and one said Cougar and one said Laptop almost got hurled straight through my window...but alas...fortunately I remembered seeing one brave soul having said on the MTC forum that they found this to be untrue for THEIR particular setup, and actually were very brave and tried leaving their settings the same as their Signcut settings, so I thought, hey, why not? May as well give this a go before tossing the equipment out the window, so with that said I have changed my KNK plugin settings back to the same as I had originally used with Signcut

X = (-18.5)
Y = (26)

Well Hey Presto!!! (Okay time to insert a pic of my mat layout ...sorry for crappy pic but hey I'm not much of a drawer or artist lol...but here goes)
So basically

...picture my COUGAR sitting right --> HERE!!

Okay, so I have set up my mat (after many failed attempts earlier) like this  Turn the laser alignment ON (you should know how to do that) and set it in a spot like where I have in the above pic.  Bottom Right of the pic!

So the first Registration Mark that shows on my screen as being top left of MTC screen is now Top Right on my mat (see other big fat dot there)  I then simply followed the instructions on screen to set the 3 registration marks ...gotta say after setting the first one, the other 2 were pretty much in perfect alignment, at this stage and at this time of the night (almost midnight now) I no longer give a flying you know what, so I accepted it all and hit OK and bam it cut out the bestest (is that even a word?)  Print and Cut I've ever done, it was what I would say 99.9% perfect!  I seriously could not ask for anything more than this.

Okay, so here is my result :) yay

So anyhooo, I am sorry for my ramblings, but you can't expect much more from me when I'm exhausted hehehe but seriously, I hope this information and the pictures of how my MTC is set up versus how I've set up on my mat, and loaded to the machine can help someone else who is desperately trying to improve their Print and Cut and not making headway with the overwhelming information that seems to be out there, just not in the right context for some of us who need to see pictures!!!!

Cheers peeps, outta here for some serious zzzzzzzzz's Goodnite xo