Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Declare........I'm in lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve!!!

Well I am in total lurve with Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks ..... I went to a demonstration this morning and I am well and truly hooked......that is hook, line and sinker hooked baby :)

OMG what is there that you can't do with Alcohol Inks? This stuff works on anything you can imagine, we played with it on glass slides, alfoil, glossy cardstock, altered projects such as tins, omg the effects you can achieve are totally amazing.

Normally I'm a sucker for pinks/purples, but seriously, everyone there chose pretty much those colours, so I opted for the browns.

I used Latte, Espresso, Butterscotch and a dash of Silver Metallic (which unfortunately shows as bluish blobs in the scan, sorry about that)

Then I stamped on the surface with Versa Black Ink Cube on the stamp and is the result ....

Needless to say, I was pretty impressed with the results, as generally I'm not a stamper by any means, but now I'm hooked and thinking about stamping with a whole fresh new approach. Have to say a HUGE thankyou to Michelle also for her fabulous skills as a demonstrator and for taking the extra time out to answer my questions about stamping and explaining & demonstrating various "previously unknown" products to me, her time and effort was very much appreciated :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Some new pics I found this files for you :) Enjoy

Okies so here are the links to the SVGS that you can use in SCAL ..... Enjoy Cheers Kris :)






Decorative Doily svg

Okay, so this was the challenge for the day, to create something kinda like this....

A very quick play resulted in these files

Inner Layer of Hearts

Outer Layer Pink

Seems to cut alright with no issues, Enjoy :) Cheers Kris

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Door Hangers....I'm dreamin about door hangers lol

Okies, so with Door Hangers and the problem with doing one in a class yet having 4 daughters between 3 bedrooms, every girl wants one :) So problem solvered!!! Today I've made the 3rd and final door hanger for Miss Ellen & Miss Amy.... Ellie chose to have Minnie Mouse (OMG Challenge) thanks Ellie..... but then I rose to the challenge as always and voila, we have a Door Hanger complete with Minnie woohooooooo Oh Yes, the little princess just walked by and said "I love it Mum, it's just booootiful" well that is what makes it all worth it :)

So here's a pic of the completed project and a Mouse and Flowers for those with SCAL, Enjoy :)

The last week of school holidays.....wahooooooo

Wow, what an incredibly looooooooong week it has been. Haven't gotten much done in the way of scrapbooking this week, too busy getting back to school stuff ready for 4 of the kids.

I've been slack, haven't even covered their books this year, there are just way too many for one person to cope with :( Oh well, I figure they'll survive :)

Anyhoo, I did manage to do some new things on the cricut with SCAL this week and sat down last night and made a door hanger for Miss Keely.

She loves Pooh Bear and chose this one that I had made earlier in the week, so I sat down and tinkered with it for a little while and VOILA it's done :)

I've included theSVG FILE for Pooh Bear. This was my first attempt at doing a character that was so complicated as far as pieces went, but anyway as you can see, I did get it to work. On a happier note, I've learnt a whole lot more and better ways now :) I've since managed to get Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Pooh Bear, Piglet, Ariel and a few other bits and pieces. So if you are interested in any of them, send me a message. Cheers Kris

Monday, January 19, 2009

Come Join us at SCRAPS OF US and join us for a fabulous Class by Nadege!

February is a month I am looking forward to greatly. I cannot wait to participate in Nadege's class on Scraps of Us. Absolutely stunning page, come join in the fun and learn to step out of your box like I am doing this year, $15 & reasonable postage for the Class Kit or $5 for the class cost and supply your own items, either way I'm sure you'll be delighted with this one.

The class information stays up for an entire weekend so there is plenty of time to get in and follow the instructions at your own leisure.

I have had an absolute blast with these girls, they're all lovely, just good old fashioned fun and chatter and scrapping....I PROMISE!!!!

Hope to see some new faces there :) xo Kris

Best Friend Forever challenge...

This is from the Scraps of Us Week 2 Challenge. I love my best friend, she knows me so well, sometimes better than myself.

Flowers were cut with SCAL & Cricut.... files were from MyScrapchick she has some of the most amazing files at very reasonable prices too, with a very generous Angel Policy for how you can use them in your own creations and creations that you may sell. Check her site out for some great buys and sign up for her FREEBIE FRIDAY to receive a fabulous FREE file every week :)

Have a great day all.........

Cheers Kris :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some Camel Files to share...

I had a request from my LSS Lady for a camel file this week, I found one, but it has 2 humps and she was actually after one with just one hump, so I found one and tweaked it a bit with some good results.

Here are the links for them both for you in .svg format :)


Camel - 1 Hump

Camel - 2 Humps

My "About Me" Book - 1st Challenge

OMG I do not EVER do photos of myself, that is why you would normally find a photo of some inanimate object or one of my kids in that **spot** where I should be.....however...not even stepping anymore but JUMPING yeah baby JUMPING right out off my little ole box this year....

I completed the very first HUGE challenge for me, "About Me" Challenge on Scraps of Us...gotta say it again....thanks to Tina for encouraging me to do this! This year is rockin so far, so many new projects and new ideas woohooo I am just so anyway without any more dribble on my part...

Here's my first challenge..My JOURNEY ....ta...dah!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Card making .... Attempt #4

Wow, what can I say about cardmaking? Hmmm I think it is actually more difficult to create a "card" than it is to create an entire layout or an entire album even lol.

I must say though, I was inspired by Vol 13 No.12 of the Aussie Cardmaking, Stamping & Papercraft mag, which I must say I never buy, but it arrived as a bonus mag with a recent Scrappy Mag (generous souls) so anyway... I was inspired by this gorgeous little card in there, actually several of them in there with ladybugs on them.....ah I just ADORE Ladybugs so I quickly sorted out an .svg pattern for the LADYBUG which I then cut with the cricut (of course) and made a quick lil wire antennae for her "must say she's looking pretty cute" lol and I also created and cut an .svg pattern for the DIECUT PAPER and a lovely new friend gave me a file for the lacy border in the background (thanks Christine) much appreciated **see I did use it** lol

Anyway, that's probably quite enough blithering on for one day, long story short, I created a card for my best friends' Mummy for her 80th Birthday tomorrow and I am stoked at how it turned out.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Online Door Hanger Class with DT Member Tina

OMG what can I say, I had a blast, as I always do with the girls on scrapsofus ..... find them HERE

Thanks Tina for an awesome evening, Vic thanks for having a fabulous group and of course hosting these online events, they are such great fun :) Looking forward to the next one in February woohoo.

Well this evening we made a door hanger, my daughter wanted me to do Tinkerbell for her door, her wish was my command...... only took me a whole evening the night before to muck about with the vector file for a Tinkerbell, other than her little eyes which just wouldn't cut, it turned out not too shabby. (Pardon my badly handcut peepers) lol

Needless to say, she LURVES it soooo much, it inspired her to go and clean her door after I took this photo OMG got a few more doors to add hangers too me thinks :) Start cleanin them doors kiddies lol lol lol

My creations.....

Here are some cool flourishes that I made this week, all 3 are in .svg format. Hope you can use them. Enjoy .... Cheers Kris

Here's a screenshot of the flourishes for you....

Flourish No.2

Flourish No.3

Flourish No.4

Happy Crafting :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Berry Sweet Lil Girl.... Amy aka Lil Red or Gingie lol

I just totally adore these Paper Piecing Patterns from she totally rocks!

Well I couldn't resist buying the fairy bears set with these gorgeous big ole pink berry houses, I mean OMG how could you pass up all that pink!!!

So this is my first layout using these lil fairy girls.....

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year......2009 is gonna rock!!!

I am totally loving this layout. This would have to be the first time ever that I've actually taken a photo and had it scrapped within 24 hrs holy moly!

Rachael thinks she is just "fabulous" at the moment, so we scrapped the moment. Lots of cricut cut elements on this page.