Sunday, January 25, 2009

Door Hangers....I'm dreamin about door hangers lol

Okies, so with Door Hangers and the problem with doing one in a class yet having 4 daughters between 3 bedrooms, every girl wants one :) So problem solvered!!! Today I've made the 3rd and final door hanger for Miss Ellen & Miss Amy.... Ellie chose to have Minnie Mouse (OMG Challenge) thanks Ellie..... but then I rose to the challenge as always and voila, we have a Door Hanger complete with Minnie woohooooooo Oh Yes, the little princess just walked by and said "I love it Mum, it's just booootiful" well that is what makes it all worth it :)

So here's a pic of the completed project and a Mouse and Flowers for those with SCAL, Enjoy :)


  1. Love your doorhanger. Thanks for sharing your files. My SIL just asked me to decorate some boxes for my nieces BD. Her theme is Minnie Mouse. I didn't have anything & found your blog. Love It!!! If I end up using it I will share pics.

  2. I downloaded these files, but cannot get them to open. They are shoing as a .rar file. Are there special instructions on how to get them to open? I can't get them to show in SCAL or Inkscape.

  3. I download this precious file but every piece is in a different size and can't get them to fit over the shadow...any suggestions?