Friday, April 20, 2012

Hexagon Exploding Box Album with Roof lid....

Had a few requests to see if I could make a usable svg pattern for this gorgeous box album as originally (I believe?) seen created by Sarah can see her blog/video HERE.

Could not get a decent trace on it, so decided to have a go myself...figuring it's mostly generic shapes and just a few mathematical equations for completing the lid and the rooftop, so it's pretty much similar.

Anyhooo....I hope you fellow crafters get as much delight out of this one as I have done, it's not very often I will even do OTP type scrapbooking, so this is way out off my element.  So here is my version of an incredibly cool little album (which I haven't had time to decorate yet).....

You can download the FILES HERE includes SVG, SCUT3 & MTC formats

Swing much fun are these!!!

Well the lovely ladies on the SCAL group on FB have been getting me to work my braincells and got me started on Swing Cards....(I don't even like making Cards usually) but anyhooo, coming up with some creations to share with them all has been fun, so this is what I worked on this morning, and you can find the download link further down which is a zipped folder, includes the finished picture, svg's, Scut3 and MTC files.  Enjoy :)

You can download these FILES HERE