Monday, August 31, 2009

What a great day at the beach yesterday.....TIME TO RELAX!!!

Now back to reality, it's MONDAY arghhhhhhhhhh..... well I have this gorgeous pic of my lovely eldest daughter Rach and I've been trying to find something to work with it all day... have been at the shop and probably driven Robyn quite insane by now (sorry Robyn) lol....

anyhoo, I wombled on home and sat here for a while looking through some photos when I had a brain explosion (aka brainfart lol)hehehe

A little while back, I entered a competition and had to do a layout with a photo that was provided to us all, I ended up doing a gorgeous layout for it.... but at the end of the day I was left with a gorgeous page with a photo that meant diddly squat to me, so I figured it's a shame to use such gorgeous & might I say costly scrappy supplies....sooooo I renovated it :)

Yup that's right..... bring on the removalists and move on in lovely new photo of Miss Rach enjoying a quiet moment of relaxation at the beach yesterday....

So now I have a lovely page, with a gorgeous pic of my big baby girl, and I can sleep well tonight lmao.

Now off to do some proper scrapping me thinks if I can just find my scrappy friend Tina...

Hope you all had a great day :) Enjoy xo Kris

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just Kickin' About....

Had a quiet morning yesterday, so had a chance to sit and play with this pic of my son Josh, he never lets me get a pic of him EVER!!! so I snuck this one in while he was having a bit of fun at his Aunty's place the other weekend, not realising Mumma was lurking with the camera mwahahaha :)

Had a fabulous evening last night with the girls at DISCOVER SCRAPBOOKING, but then I suppose we always manage to have a great evening lol Plenty of laughter and oh my goodness....the creating.... oh my goodness, I have to say a huge huge HUGE Thankyou to my dear friend Robyn for helping me to put this gorgeous layout together. I haven't been able to see past the'll see why lol EYES omg I adore photos of EYES....this is a sneaky one I managed to get while playing with my camera settings, of my gorgeous lil gingy haired girl Amy, she has the most amazingly gorgeous big blue peepers but this photo has just amazed me as to how BLUE they have come out, so yeah.... big fat scrappers block for me with this one, Robyn organised some beautiful flowers and a scraplet and some of the gorgeous Basic Grey Range of Papers to help keep the eyes as the focal point of this layout. All of these gorgeous products can be found in STORE HERE!

I am truly stunned & amazed at the beauty of this one. So once again, THANKYOU ROBYN, you are a legend!!!!

xo Kris

Hope you guys are all having a FABULOUS weekend, I'm off to the beach tomorrow for my son's football breakup sooooooo that means MORE PHOTOS woo woo :) Take care xo

Monday, August 24, 2009

Heads Up for 30 days of FUN FUN FUN with KAISERCRAFT :)

Oh.... my new addition to my ever growing digistamp collection :)

Forgot to mention.... did a spot of online shopping last night, bought the new Kiki La Rue gorgeous digi stamps from All That Scraps check em out for very sweet images for your card and scrapping projects :) This lil cutie is going on my very next scrap page lol. She is "Shy Kiki La Rue".
xo Kris

A couple of layouts I did on the weekend....

Well haven't done much scrapbooking lately at all, so I thought I'd have a quick play over the weekend and do some ordinary non-exciting layouts lol. Been feeling rather flat for the last week or so, so it's a start anyway :)

Family..... my partner Marty, his folks, Val & Hans, and our children.... such a rarity to get them all in a shot together...this was on Han's 79th Birthday recently :) Kids were having a great time as they always do when they go to Nanny's for a bit of extra TLC & spoiling lol

This is of Miss Ellie, this girl just loves to ham it up for the camera I tell ya! Such a little Diva :)

Anyway, that's all for now, will get back shortly with some svg's for you all :)

Cheers Kris xo

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sweet Sweet Saturday :)

Thank goodness for weekends! What a week, this lil black ducky is just plain & simply exhausted! Had such a huge busy busy w/end last weekend so this weekend I am just staying home and losing myself in my lil ole scrappy room. Haven't had a chance to sort/clean anything out since having all my prized possessions hurled into my new little piece of heaven (gotta love men eh?) grrrr

So have made myself slowly troll through it all in the last couple of days, talk about treasures! Wahooo, it's sooo unbelievable the things we buy because we just "have to have them" and then they disappear into the stash never to be seen until the next time we clean and cull lmao.

So I took a little ole trip over to Bunnings and bought some storage containers & a groovy lil shelf that I've now got all my bling & pearls hanging off OMG I love BLING :) makes me sooooo happy!

My daughter is off to a surprise birthday party for her friend this afternoon, and being the slack mother that I am, haven't managed to get near the shops to organise cards or gifts so have made a quickie birthday card this morning for her....

Did this layout recently for ScrapwithV's Cybercrop Sketch Challenge and I won, wow you could have blown me down lol. Thanks for the votes ladies :) These would have to be some of my favourite photos of Miss Keely, she's one of these kids that always is pulling ridiculous faces when she sees a camera so Mumma snuck in some shots without her noticing hehehe

Bliss ..... is definately enjoying a yummy milkshake at Nanny's house .... for this lil girl anyway lol.

Hope you all have a great weekend....I'm off to finish cleaning up this room so that I can get back to scrapping.

Take care & have fun :) xo Kris

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lazy Sunday afternoon :)

Well I'm having an incredibly lazzzzzzy day today, enjoying the Sunshine and doing a whole lot of not much else :) Why not eh?

I took these fab photo's of Miss K yesterday, she's been popping on these rotten little rollerblades everyday for about the last 2 months and banging around the back patio.

She got adventurous yesterday and cut loose out on the roadway in front of our house, so just had to scrap them, kept the page incredibly simple lol. Couple of svg's to share also Rule #1 and Play Hard

Enjoy your day, thanks for looking :) Cheers Kris

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just a lazy breezy Saturday afternoon.....

And I do mean breeeeeeeeeeezy, damn westerly winds have hit (Ekka Time explains that!)

So I've locked myself away in my scraproom today and decided to have a little tinker with these Copic Markers and stamps

Played with this very sweet C.C. Designs Stamp slowly getting the hang of the pens hmm much much more practice needed yet me thinks! lol

Hope you are all having a great weekend, take care

Cheers Kris :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Look what I finally did this week.....OMG

Well I finally went and jumped head first into the world of Copic Markers :) OMG Started out by buying 12 & a colourless blender and am already highly addicted (thanks so much to all the card making blogger ladies) I enjoy reading all of your postings and seeing your beautiful creations, and the knowledge you have shared through your tutorials.

I have so far had a quick play with these gorgeous markers, coloured a Sarah Kay Stamped image, played around with colouring ribbons & ribbon rosettes, even played about with making a tye-dyed styled paper flowers (way cool) omg I can't believe how easy this is to do and how gorgeous they come out, amazing fun and I'm so glad I've invested in these beautiful markers, am soooooooooo totally addicted now :)

Well am off to have an online scrapfest with my lovely friend Martina and I hope you all have a gorgeous weekend, stay safe & well, & Happy Crafting

xoxo Kris :)

Lovely & Very Much Appreciated RAK from Shirl :) Thank ya Shirl xo

Okies, well I have been very slack lately, and haven't done any blogging just lots of blog surfing :) hehehe

Shirl gave me a gorgeous and very appreciated RAK the other week.... omg I just can't get enough of these cute lil stamped images

Thank you soooooo much Shirl xo :)