Saturday, August 1, 2009

Look what I finally did this week.....OMG

Well I finally went and jumped head first into the world of Copic Markers :) OMG Started out by buying 12 & a colourless blender and am already highly addicted (thanks so much to all the card making blogger ladies) I enjoy reading all of your postings and seeing your beautiful creations, and the knowledge you have shared through your tutorials.

I have so far had a quick play with these gorgeous markers, coloured a Sarah Kay Stamped image, played around with colouring ribbons & ribbon rosettes, even played about with making a tye-dyed styled paper flowers (way cool) omg I can't believe how easy this is to do and how gorgeous they come out, amazing fun and I'm so glad I've invested in these beautiful markers, am soooooooooo totally addicted now :)

Well am off to have an online scrapfest with my lovely friend Martina and I hope you all have a gorgeous weekend, stay safe & well, & Happy Crafting

xoxo Kris :)


  1. Gooooooooooooooorgeous !! Love what you've done and cant wait to see all the new creations you do with your new toys lol they look like lots of fun ! Have to show me when Im in the neighbourhood !! xoxo Tina

  2. Looking devine girl. Thanks for the RL show the other night. Hope you have a tonne of fun playing with your new toys. xo S