Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ellie........ The Chicken Wrangler lol lol lol lol

OMG what can I say! These pics just crack me up everytime I see them, thought it was about time I put them on a page. This is my lovely little Ellen when she was 2 yo, man o man, the girl was a cack this day running feral through the vege garden, most determined to catch that chicken!

I'm surprised the chooks were still laying after this, it was truly hilarious to watch.

So anyway here is the page, the title was done with Ink and Bella Chipboard, the grass, chickens, and sun are from Myscrapchick. Check her site out, she has fabulous files, and loads of new ones added too, and all at very reasonable prices! Mix em up, plenty to choose from! :) Thanks for looking, Cheers Kris..... have a great weekend :)

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