Monday, June 8, 2009

A sweet card for a very Sweet Friend :) You know who you are lol

I found this amazingly gorgeous file recently on Nancy's Blog and decided to have a crack at it today to make a very sweet card for my very sweet friend. I think it turned out really nice and am busting at the seams to have a go at some more cardmaking. So off I go to create lol. Hope you all had a great long weekend xo Kris


  1. I love this sweet just for you card! How do you come up with this craftiness? Do you "plan it" or does it just come to you? I must say you're an amazing artist*! *Yep that's what you are.

  2. Hey Rialynn, would love to take credit for this one, but no it came from the blog that I mentioned in the post, Nancy's Blog, absolutely stunning card that she made and she shared the cutting file. I totally adore all things cupcake shaped lately. And I know my sweet friend is going to totally love it :) Thanks for your kind words. Cheers Kris