Sunday, September 20, 2009

RAK from my dear friend Tina :)

Oh My Goodness, How I just loooooooooove surprises....

How is this for total yum-alicious flower heaven? My dear friend Tina surprised me the other day with this totally gorgeous collection of flowers, tags, journalling bits n pieces, and embellies, omg sooooo many beautiful gorgeous things in here (still amazed at what she can fit into an envelope!!!!) She made a drop dead gorgeous card as well with her sweet baby girl, Bindy on front, she is such a lil sweetheart with a gorgeous smile, how nice it was to find my little mate Bindy popping out off the envelope lol.

Tina you are such a sweetie, and I thank you with lots of love & hugs (again) lol.


  1. Wohoo I love love sending you suprises !! Enjoy my sweet friend !! And today I got us over 10 m of ribbons each for 2 dollars how is that for a bargain !!! talk soon xoxoxox Tina

  2. This cannot teach anybody anything, This can only make them think