Friday, October 2, 2009

My Challenge Entry for ShabbyChic Butterflys & Bows Blog...

I had a ball doing this layout, with a jolly good push from my dear friend Tina to make me try something thats a little bit "out of the box I live in" once again Thank You Tina for making me try new things, I love love love scrapping with you girl, have a blast every time!

So the challenge at Shabbychic Butterflys & Bows for this month, was this....Use...

Background colour of CREAM or WHITE
Dominants of pastel pink and lemon
and Butterflies (my fave lol)


  1. And I LOVE LOVE scrapping with you !!!!!
    OMG girl this is such a gooorgeous Lo love everything about it and I cant wait to see it in real life !! So exiting !!! xoxoxo Tina

  2. Hi Kris!

    Just letting you know that the new criteria has just gone up for my challenge sites for October.
    Would love you to join us this month :)

    ARTastic =
    Inspiration this month comes from Vincent van Gogh's 'Starry Night'


    From Screen 2 Scrap =
    Inspiration this month comes from the movie poster 'Night at the Museum'

    International scrappers welcome :)

    Don't forget to become a follower of my challenge blog sites, that way you get all the updates and info :)


  3. This cannot teach anybody anything, This can only make them think