Friday, October 16, 2009

Woohooooooo I had a ***WIN***

So, I'm kinda doing a lil bit of a happy dance today, I took a message from my mobi this morning from my sweet friend Tina who was kinda do a happy dance of her own, something about omg girl pick up your phone, why aren't you picking up, omg you won you won you won lmao which had me in hysterical fits of laughter... Tina you are such a delightful friend, your enthusiasm and genuine excitement for others makes you a shining star girl...don't ever change!

So the challenge at Shabbychic Butterflys & Bows for this September, was this....Use...

Background colour of CREAM or WHITE
Dominants of pastel pink and lemon
and Butterflies (my fave lol)

This is the layout that I entered and yay it won woohoo, so happy and excited. Huge thanks to Eve & The Shabby Chicks for making my day!!! To all the other ladies who entered, I think your layouts were fantastic, keep up the great work and keep on entering, you just have to be in it to win it girls luck with Octobers entries, can't wait to get my lil mitts on that challenge, it looks fab!!! Can't wait to see what gorgeous creations you all come up with this time.

Cheers Kris xo

Ps.... Have a great weekend :)


  1. WOO HOO WTH Kris it is a gorgeous layout. What a great way to use the beads and love the framing of your photos with the flower corners. Congrats again :)

  2. This cannot teach anybody anything, This can only make them think