Monday, November 9, 2009

Important Message as Summer arrives....

As we approach Summer here in Queensland.... we as Adults know & understand how incredibly hot our weather is and the consequences for ignoring it ... Please take the time to read the following information....and keep our children safe :)

Ava's Rule

Ava had been found in her parents’ car, parked in the sun. She had snuck in looking for lollies and found herself in the back seat, with child locks on. She was 3 years old and did not realise that if she moved into the front, those doors would open. She never re-gained consciousness and died a few days later.

Her parents have dedicated themselves to spreading the word about Ava’s rule:

Always lock your car and store your keys where your children cannot reach them.

Verify your children know never to go to the car unsupervised.

Actively seek out sheltered locations to park your car.

Keep Safe :)


  1. I remember that tragic event ... thanks for the reminder ..

  2. Oh yes, terrible, I dread hearing these things in summer, god with 6 kids myself, I always fret about them getting into the car, I pretty much leave the windows down on all doors on our car, especially while it is parked in the garage, just in case!!! ...then the news tonight...another little possum drowned at a public pool other side of Brisbane, just heart breaking :(

  3. Thanks for the reminder Kris....I remember my sister got into our parents car when she was small and knocked the hand brake, the car smashed into the house across the road. So it is an extremely important message xx

  4. That's so sad, and a very important message.

  5. This cannot teach anybody anything, This can only make them think