Sunday, May 29, 2011

Print & Cut with MTC and Black Cat Cougar....

Wowzer...been a super dooper long day here today, trying to suss out the laser calibration to get my Print & Cut feature working with Make The Cut and Black Cat Cougar.

Finally tonight I have success!!  Wouldn't call it 100% perfect but it's mighty damn close.  After searching forums and blogs and youtube for hours today to find just the right bit of information to sort this pure defeat and with a can of rum in one hand...GOOGLE SEARCH TO THE RESCUE lol

With this totally awesome find.....
Sheri from My Card Spot had this fabulous TUTORIAL (with pics) thank goodness.... she is now my new Goddess...well for today anyhoo. Finally pictures showing me which way was X and which way was Y and a starting point to finding the right numbers for numbers X -18.5 and Y 26  achieving almost perfect results...had just the tiniest bit of white showing around the bottom of my cut (will post a pic tomorrow when I have some daylight)  Graphic by Lettering Delights (Weather Kids)

So to Sheri....THANKYOU for sharing this awesome information, and I hope that many others who are having issues with this will also be lucky enough to find your post!  You have made my day and my purchase of the Cat just that little bit more to find some chipboard that will cut with the machine in Australia!!!  Our chippie is like rock apparently lol lol

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  1. This cannot teach anybody anything, This can only make them think