Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Nightmare that IS PROVOCRAFT....yup, they're at it again!!

I'm not that great with words, I have lots of them in my head at most times....but generally when I try to say what I want to say on a screen, it just doesn't come out very nicely or very since I really have NOT ONE SINGLE NICE THING to say about the MORONS that are PROVOCRAFT.

I'm going to share a link to another blogger's great post about this latest issue of them taking legal proceedings against the owners of Make The Cut for a 2nd time....please take the time to have a read, and think about whether or not YOU can stomach the thought of supporting a PARASITIC COMPANY next time you go shopping for crafting goods.   I personally vowed when they first went after MTC and then SCAL last year, that I would NEVER buy another PC item ever again.

I did sell my cutter at a massive monetary loss, and shelled out almost a thousand bucks for a new Cougar....still....I say, it's the best damn thing I have ever done!  I refuse to be dictated to by ANY company about a product I BUY and HOW I am allowed to use it in my own goddamn home!

Anyhooo enough from me....go check out this awesome post by SCRAPMASTER'S PARADISE regarding the current events, trust me, it's an eye opener! xo Kris


  1. I cannot have put it better. I sold my Cricut too and bought The Lynx. Has you would put it"It's the best damn machine I've bought also".....

  2. This cannot teach anybody anything, This can only make them think