Sunday, October 18, 2009

OMG Look who's riding now....

OMG you know your baby days are over when your baby starts to ride a big kids bike :( Some friends of ours gave us a lil bike yesterday afternoon, needs a new tyre as we've quickly found out, hubby repaired it, but it hasn't held :( but she got a ride before it went pfffffft on her lol. Wow gotta say the guys who resurfaced our road this week, did an AWESOME job!!! Look how nice n smooth it is, nice change from the loose gravel horrible stuff we had there.

Woohoooooooooo go Amy go!!! xo


  1. Congratulations Amy!!!! Way to go sweetie!!

  2. I see a scrapping page coming on :) How cute does she looks :)

  3. This cannot teach anybody anything, This can only make them think