Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vintage Cards totally Rock!!!

Well I think I must say I have found a whole new love!!! I hate card making....don't get me wrong now....I totally love the whole idea of making cards, but man I really suck at it most days, so today whilst browsing thru some online catalogues I got my very first glimpse ever of a "vintage style" card, couldn't see too much of the details but something happened, made my lil ole heart go hot diggity dog, I sooooo have to jump on into some of that! So out came the cardstock, the distress ink omg I love that stuff hehe and some vintage old book that I bought for a song last week and voila....We have one lovely card that I actually quite adore!!!

Now, this lil sweetie is going on a trip.... in a hot stuffy envelope.... any day now.... I wonder where it is going to go to????? sorry can't's a secret!! lol Have a great day/evening!

xo Kris :)


  1. Pick Me Pick Me :) !! Absolutley unbelivable gorgeous girl !! You are so talented and I think Ive just died and gone to heaven !! LOVE LOVE LOVE it !!! xoxox Tina

  2. I am the same I don't like making cards and I have 3 to make arrrhhh
    LOVE your card and OMG yip distress ink THE BEST THING since cardstock

  3. This cannot teach anybody anything, This can only make them think